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Freelance Copy Editing with Gabi Plumm

This website provides insight into my editing style for different types of work: novels, website text, school year book articles, magazine articles, resumés and cover letters, proposals and many other forms of writing that require good grammar and precise punctuation to give your work the cachet of professionalism.

Below is a rough fee guide but all fees are negotiable so call me for an estimate.​

Copy editing: $60 per hour, 2 – 5 pages per hour
Proofreading: $45 per hour, 3 – 6 pages per hour

A page is gauged at 250 words double space Times New Roman.

Blogs/Articles $30 per 600 word page. Add $10 per 100 thereafter.

​Novel/short story manuscripts: Can be priced on estimate editing time or per word.

E.g: 100,000 words for $2500
40,000 words for $1000

Special discounts for repeat clients.

Contact Gabi for a chat, a coffee or a quote

Tel: +61 (0)404025139
Email: gabiplumm@bigpond.com

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