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Professional editing for your book

Professional editing of your work is a must. Your book deserves the best.

I work with many forms of prose and text as well as novels:

  • novels
  • website text
  • school year book articles
  • magazine articles
  • resumés and cover letters
  • proposals
  • and many other forms of writing that require good grammar and precise punctuation to give your work the cachet of professionalism.

I have been a copy editor for six years after having written a few books, rather badly, and deciding that I wanted to learn how to write well. No one was more surprised than I when I discovered I was a better editor than a writer. But oddly, the more I edit the better writer I become. Who could have foreseen that?

After four years at Griffiths University in Brisbane, I emerged, aged 63, with a BA in Creative Writing, English, and Editing… and here I am, open for business!

My editing style may not be unusual but it’s the way I like to work:

  • You send me your manuscript (no matter how long or short or how many words)
  • I read it (sometimes editing little bits and pieces because I can’t keep my red pen in my pocket)
  • Then I write an appraisal report which includes the manuscript’s strengths and weakness, its genre and target market, and an idea of how long it will take to edit it
  • Then I suggest that, if you are happy with my report and my fee, we arrange a style guide of our own, so that we know exactly what we are doing (check the page on Editing Services for details of style guides)
  • Once we are agreed on all the important points, I get to work
  • I usually work two or three chapters at a time through Microsoft Track Changes (if it is a novel we’re working on), then I send you two copies: 1 the red-pen version with all the suggested changes and comments, and 2. the clean version where all the changes have been made but comments may still exist in their red balloons
  • You check the work, reject or accept the changes, then send the work back to me
  • At the end of this process we are in a position to view the whole manuscript, and once again we go through it with a find tooth-comb, this is the final edit.

One author recently said of my work: Once again thanks. Am thrilled with how the story looks and reads. Appreciate your attention to detail.  Hope you’re available for future work as its been a pleasure working with you.

There’s nothing like an author’s acknowledgement… and return business.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss your novel-to-be.

Below is a rough fee guide but all fees are negotiable so call me for an estimate.​

Copy editing: $60 per hour, 2 – 5 pages per hour
Proofreading: $45 per hour, 3 – 6 pages per hour

A page is gauged at 250 words double space Times New Roman.

Blogs/Articles $30 per 600 word page. Add $10 per 100 thereafter.

​Novel/short story manuscripts: Can be priced on estimate editing time or per word.

E.g: 100,000 words for $2500
40,000 words for $1000

Special discounts for repeat clients.

Contact Gabi for a chat, a coffee or a quote

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