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Hi! I am Gabi Plumm, and I’m a professional freelance copy editor and proof reader.


Institute of Professional Editors

I am an Ambassador for the Institute of Professional Editors of Australia, which means I have the honour to represent IPEd in presentations to Universities, schools, libraries, writing centres and writers’ groups.

I work with:

  • Novels
  • Certain academic texts
  • Short stories
  • Website text
  • Articles
  • School year books
  • Magazines. 

Many authors have wonderful ideas, wonderful stories to tell but miss out on the vital ingredients that go into crafting that story, and by that I mean the following points:

  • Character development: Who, What, Where, How, When and Why
    • do you know who your people are
    • What they think
    • Where they came from
    • How they speak
    • What they believe
    • Where they live
    • When they are living in your story
    • Why they do what they do
    • What are their greatest failings?
  • Storyline:
    • How does it start
    • Have you got a great hook
    • What happens after that
    • Who are your protagonists
    • Your antagonists
    • And the winner is…?
  • Do you know the difference between ‘show and tell?’ Much is written on how to do this and much is therefore misunderstood. Have a read of Lee Child’s thoughts on Show don’t Tell and make up your own mind, but remember the telling has to be good, it has to paint the picture.
  • Do you use hundreds of adjectives and adverbs? If not, why not? Have you read Stephen King’s book on Writing? If not, have a gander, at least at the chapter on Adverbs — you will never use another adverb again
  • This is just the beginning. Have a little visit to my Editing Services page and see what it involves and then, let’s talk
  • Contact me here
  • Coffee and a natter, a Skype conference, whatever works for you will probably work for me too.