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Audio recordings

Audio recordings are becoming very popular. Gabi can record your book in many different voices, or just her own.

Gabi at the microphone

Gabi Plumm recording the voice of Cicely Lefort

Audio book recording

Prices for audio book recording can vary hugely from the type of work to be recorded, how long it is, where the recording needs to take place, who will edit it (I do that too)… many factors. I flew to Moscow, Idaho to record the book featured in the above picture : When Songbirds Returned to Paris  by E. M. Sloan. 

Although I only did one voice in this novel, I needed to be able to speak French as well (which I do.)

Have every voice be different, all from the same voice artist: 
$190 per recorded and edited (produced) hour

Audio book trailers

Some authors struggle to record their own voices — I can do that for you:
$170 per recorded and edited hour

Film/webinar/video voice overs

I can write and perform voice overs for you:
$190 per hour

Contact me with your ideas and we can make a plan.