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Proofread / Editing Rates

Content editing rates

The figures below are based on the industry standard in the US. They are negotiable depending upon the work.

Contact me for an estimate for your manuscript, copy, article or whatever you are hoping to produce.

Basic Copy Editing

The least fussy edit — spelling, typos, basic grammar and punctuation
$40 – $60 per hour, for between 5 and 10 pages

Approximately 0.025 cents per 1000 pages for 90,000 word manuscript = $2250.00

Heavy Copy Editing

Spelling, typos, grammar, punctuation plus sentence reconstruction, word choice,
$50 — $70 per hour for 2 – 5 pages per hour

Approximately 0.030 cents per 1000 pages for 90,000 word manuscript = $2700.00

Developmental editing

This includes the other basics plus manuscript restructuring
$60 – $80 per hour for 1 – 5 pages per hour completed

Approximately 0.035 per 1000 pages for 90,000 word manuscript = $3150.00

Manuscript appraisals/evaluations

The first step, get your manuscript appraised, then you’ll know what needs to be done
$40 – $50 per hour


$45 per hour with a rate of 5 – 8 pages per hour.

Editing Website pages

All pages including blogs have to capture your audience straight away.
$16 – $20 per page

Newsletters and articles

Tart them up, capture your audience
$40 – $90 per hour for 1 to 4 pages

Medical/technical/trade editing

Will depend on the degree of difficultly
$40 – $90 per hour


An art and a challenge … always
$60 – $80 per hour or 25c to 50c per word

Extra languages

Like extra items on your pizza, extra languages cost more
$10 per page per language

Audio recording and editing fees

Audio book trailers

Some authors struggle to record their own voices — I can do that for you.
$170 per recorded and edited hour

Video book trailers

The Rolls Royce of book trailers
$195 per recorded and produced hour

Audio book recording

Have every voice be different, all from the same voice artist
$190 per recorded and edited (produced) hour

Film/webinar/video voice overs

Gabi can write and perform voice overs
$190 per hour