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Gabi Plumm edited my seventh book, Flock, The Gathering of The Damned and recently finished the first book in my new series: The German Half-Bloods. She was diligent, professional and very attentive. She gave me tips, was completely honest and found the time to answer my questions. The editing was done in a timely fashion and so was a final read-through, which was a great help. I recommend Gabi for her editing expertise.

Jana Petken

Historical Fiction Author, Author of Flock, The Gathering of the Damned and The German Half-Bloods

I would like to take this public opportunity to tell the world how wonderful, talented and worldly you are. If you’re looking for the right person to help with anything that has to do with the spoken word – you will not get any better than Gabi Plumm. She is the best of the best.

Gabi, thank-you! You have been an absolute godsend – surely the angels sent you to me to collaborate in finishing ‘The Business of Billionaires & Superyachts’ to a worldwide professional level. The publishers are knocking at my door!

I loved your feedback after the first edit – intelligent and witty. It floored me how knowledgeable you are when it comes to American, Australian and UK spelling plus punctuation. The content was run through Grammarly several times and was edited by someone else beforehand. You picked up so much that they missed. The second edit that you completed was sparkling icing that makes the book stand out from rest. It was hard work making the corrections that you suggested but what a difference. Love!

I could not have completed this project this without you. Sincerely with all of my heart, I appreciate all your hard work, insights and time. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to collaborating with you again in the near future (next week on the content for the blog).

Many, many thanks,

Christina Prince

Author of The Business of Billionaires and Superyachts

Gabi is such fun to work with. She has edited all my books and I know I can rely on her to find every little error, nothing gets past her. She has also gone the extra mile in making video trailers for three of my books. I know I can call on her at any time and she’ll help and advise. We’ve become great friends since we’ve been working together.

Lucinda E Clarke

Author of the Amie Series and many more

Gabi proved both speedy and reliable by taking on an urgent editing commission while on holiday in the States. Her fluency in French and Spanish helped heaps. Later on, Gabi proved her worth by adapting and finalising the book cover for Unmitigated Gaul — it looks great, thanks Gabi.

Suzanne White

Author of Unmitigated Gaul A lifetime in Paris and Ladyfingers

Huge thanks to Gabi for the fantastic editing and help with the publishing of my book. For anyone looking for professional editing services I highly recommend Gabi Plumm. What a brilliant experience its been!

Belinda Bennetts

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