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The front page of your website is your shop front.

Your landing page for seminars, webinars, book promotions, new product displays, is not only your shop front, it is your initial advertising promotion.

​If blogging is an important part of your marketing program, make sure your sentences flow well, and your grammar and punctuation don’t trip you up.

Gabi will make sure that your English grammar, spelling and punctuation is perfect, your sentence construction wastes no words, and your promotions speak clearly to your market.

Editing websites can vary in time and cost depending on a few factors:

  • Small page inserts comprising one or two paragraphs: 300 to 600 words
  • Whole websites of anything up to 100,000 words
  • And everything in between including Blog Posts, Articles for Newsletters and magazines
  • Special feature articles.

​Websites are constantly changing. If you have designed your own, you can change it at will. If you have had it designed by a reputable company then all you have to do is provide the text, the art work and the information.

​Gabi excels in providing top-flight text, edited to perfection and formatted for your website.

​Here is one we completed last year and the general information pages have now been uploaded.


​As a valued client, Bubbles Bathrooms return to me regularly for more editing work.

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